Video: Marketing’s “New Kid in Town”

Video as a medium has become the new Internet marketing kingpin for good reason. The move to video as an integral component of a marketing plan is showing a strong return on investment, driving traffic and gaining followers.

Out of 500 marketers surveyed, 93% produced video marketing campaigns and 70% were optimizing for search engines.

The important bottom line was that 82% believed video positively impacted their business.

The expansion into pop culture – Google has 4 billion views daily and 1 billion views on mobile platforms.

Translation: If your business is not utilizing video to tell its story, you are already falling behind the marketing power curve.

Compelling text and blogs are a one-dimensional medium. Statistics show people prefer watching a youtube or other outlets over reading an article when the option is available.

Why? A well-produced video combines the best of the written word with the visual. It shows and it tells.

This medium allows consumers to see a product, visualize a process, watch something in action or learn by hearing and seeing. Video production done well connects with viewers, making them more likely to become customers.

The knowledge you share is valuable. Visual coaching/training/selling is a great way to make your mark, and video is a marketing game-changer.

We understand marketing and we understand professional. Our writers and production team can become a visual storytelling force for your business and its message. Let’s talk.

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