Before advertising on Facebook knowing your audience is important, understanding their demographics and location, what they like and don’t like, their spending behaviors and much more. And while most businesses realize targeting the right audience before running an ad on Facebook or Adwords is a must, too many companies start with an ad and not a campaign.

This strategy causes them to panic when they fall short on conversions and stop the ad too soon. The first ad in any campaign will likely be the most expensive and that’s because it’s the lead acquisition stage.

Knowing who Your Audience “Might Be” Isn’t Enough!


What’s just as important in an Ad campaign is where YOUR audience is on their buying journey. There are 3 core stages to a typical buyer’s journey and if your ad is targeting the right audience at the wrong stage, then your ad is sure to fall flat.  You may end up overspending on a website conversion ad because you haven’t taken your buyer through the first two stages, or worse you are spending money on the first stage and never getting to the 2nd or 3rd stage.


Here are the 3 Core Stages of the Buyer’s Journey:


1. Commit

2. Consider

3. Convert





The First Stage of the Buyer’s Journey is the Commit Stage or Attraction Phase.


During this phase, you or your business should be introducing yourself, your business or ideas to your new audience and the goal is to interest them by getting them to notice you and even engage with you. Your focus should be on just getting noticed, liked and shared but not on converting a sale.


Here’s what I mean; if your business is selling an informational product and you’re targeting an audience who’s never heard of you or your business, it may be difficult for them to connect with you or your brand. After all, they are only seeing your sales ad and they haven’t made any kind of connection with you before, your brand and your story means nothing to them and your sales adisn’t going to convince them to buy.

So How Do You Connect with an Audience in the Commitment Phase?


1. Custom Audience with Engagement


• Let’s say you were to create a video, and that video gave away a portion of the information from the product you’re ultimately selling as a “how to” or a “DIY”.  The video would attract your audience, grab their attention and push them to engage. (Like, Comment and Share) By giving them valuable information first and not being too salesy they will probably want to like, comment and share the video. And, you’d also be setting them up to be part of your next ad campaign, shifting this audience from the “commit stage” into the “consideration” stage.


• I’ll explain more about targeting video views later…When it comes to likable, shareable videos, don’t just stick with educational value, people love to engage with all types of content! Creating a video that is empowering or entertaining will also capture those likes, comments and shares and help you to connect with the right audience! ​



2. Lead Magnets and Lead Generation


• The second option is through Facebook Lead Generation.  Here you can offer your audience something with a “call-to-action” in exchange for their email. Offers can be a free consultation or evaluation.


• Using Facebook, you can create a signup form that connects to your ad and Facebook automatically gathers the information you are requesting on the form (emails, questions survey etc.)


• Or, you can link your ad to an “Optin Sales Funnel” where your ad links to a landing page that houses your free content: a download, video, or whitepaper, in exchange for their email address. ​​​


This first ad campaign can really help you narrow your audience and determine who’s ready for the next stage. Once you’ve collected the data you can use it forever.


Using Your Data in the Consideration Stage or Advertising to Your Warm Audience:


The consideration phase often referred to as the “warm audience” is when your audience has shown some interest in you or your business by engaging with your content previously. And, onFacebook you can target this audience with an ad you are promoting in the conversion stage.


Facebook Allows You to Retarget Your “Warm Audience”

Your warm audience is anyone who’s shifted from the “commit phase” to the “consideration stage.” Facebook rewards you for targeting an audience whose shown interest in you or your product previously by dropping the cost to advertise to them (more impressions for less $).

Facebook knows that this audience will more likely be interested in seeing your next offer than someone who has never shown any interest in you before. And this is where using Facebook’s video views becomes a great tool!

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