Did you know that more than 50 percent of brands use Instagram as part of their online marketing strategy?

Top brands post approximately five times per week on Instagram?

It’s important to have a strong presence on Instagram.

The big difference between posting to Instagram and achieving success?

Anyone can snap a photo, upload it to Instagram, and hope for the best. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t always yield results.

So how do you improve the odds of Instagram success?

 Instagram Captions is one secret for growth on Instagram.

Five Tips for Writing the Perfect Instagram Caption

 1. Don’t Jump the Gun


It’s easy to get ahead of yourself by writing captions “on the fly.” This is also one of the best ways to publish a caption that misses the mark.


Don’t rush the process. Instead, create three to five captions to choose from.


You can’t spend hours on end writing Instagram captions (as you have other things to do), but you should definitely compare several ideas before settling on your final choice.


2. Get to the Point


With a limit of 2,200 characters, you have plenty of space to say what you need to say.


Tip: Captions cut off in a person’s feed after the first four lines of text.


So, get to the point. If you leave all the “good stuff” for the end of the caption, your audience may not see it.


Put all the most important details – such as your call to action or image explanation – toward the front. Leave the rest – such as mentions and hashtags – for the end.


Or, you can reserve your hashtags and use them later when you comment on your own post.


3. Ask a Question


Instagram is all about sparking a conversation with your audience. This is why it’s good practice to ask a question in your caption.


Take for example a local gym that is using Instagram as a means of connecting with current customers and attracting new members. They could use an Instagram caption like this:


  • How did you spend your weekend? Did you have any time to workout?
  • What type of gym equipment do you consider a “must use” during every workout?
  • What are your fitness goals for the upcoming month?


With this approach, users have the opportunity to not only view an image but to also engage with your brand – and that’s exactly what you want.


 4. Hashtags


Through the use of hashtags, you can attract a new audience who is interested in what you’re sharing but don’t overdo it or your post will look salesy.

Use a mix of hashtags that may be specific to your niche or industry, you can also use more common ones like: #throwbackthursday #funFriday


As a general rule of thumb, choose somewhere between zero and five hashtags per caption.


You should consider using hashtags commenting on your image (maybe even from a different account.)


Final tip: while most captions will include at least one hashtag, don’t feel pressured to add one. You can create a killer caption using SEO and keywords that engage your audience, all without the use of a single hashtag.


5. Use Instagram to Grow Your Other Accounts


An Instagram caption is a great place to cross-promote your other social media accounts. For example, let your audience know that you’re also posting images and updates to your other accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.


Share your Instagram account on Twitter as a tweet or Facebook as a post


Use Instagram as a tool to drive people to a Facebook group that you own where there’s more collaboration on a particular topic.


Writing an Instagram caption is easier when you set aside time weekly to create some ideas and draft some captions that can be repurposed for posts you want to add “ad hoc”.


Setting aside time to investigate the best keywords for your captions prior to your posts is important too.


Do you have any other tips?


Please share your personal strategy in the comment section below.