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What’s Your Story?

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories that you tell.”

Seth Godin


Go beyond building a Website and optimizing with SEO.


Our Goal is to discover your story, digging deeper and helping you tell your unique story.– building your brand and your tribe.


No two businesses are the same. Our consultants will work hard to meet your specific goals and tailor our digital process for you.

A Number of Services Offered

Sales Funnels

We create up-to-date landing pages and sales funnels to streamline your sales and digital marketing engagements.

Video Marketing

Adding video to your Website and social media campaigns can increase your conversions by more than 80%.


Meet your ideal consumer along the stages of their buying journey and be there every step of the way with workflows.


We can help you create an amazing online shopping experience for your customer that will integrate with the latest social media and advertising opportunities.

Influencer Marketing

Build your brand by connecting with the  influential leaders of your industry.

Easy to Work With

Are you frustrated or overwhelmed with your digital marketing?

Does your current marketing plan leave you in the dark, or is it just too difficult to keep up with?

Build, Transform and Flourish Your Online Business today – Brand and Flourish

Brand and Flourish has taught me the skills I need to build and maintain a successful online business.

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Progress by Technology

The Digital World is Growing, Are You?

Need a digital strategy for your business? Contact us today.

Start earning ROI on your online investment using sales funnels designed to target your ideal consumer.

Get found faster online using simple inbound strategies combined with SEO and ad targeting.

Double your traffic in 30 days.

Great, happy clients everytime.

My project didn’t have much direction I wasn’t sure how I wanted to present my cookies and my story. Brand and Flourish made it so easy. Taking my story and style into consideration. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Bianca Silveira

I have collaborated on so many sales and marketing projects with Brand and Flourish. Tish has a unique style and ease about her. She knows her marketing but she is a great listener which is what makes her so easy to work with. Joani - Adaptive

Working with Tish and Brand and Flourish was a wonderful and exciting experience. I am a Spiritual Life Coach and I was able to take my story and find an inspirational way to share it online which then helped me to build my audience. I am not a social media savvy person, but luckily Tish is! Everything we did she monitored and recorded and gave me bi-weekly reports of how each ad was performing. She is very knowledgeable about the industry and was kind and patient with me while I learned. Anytime I felt overwhelmed, she met with me and broke down what our goals were. I am excited to continue to see the continued growth in my business. Lastly, Tish is someone who never stops learning and I admire that, she is always bringing fresh new info and tactics to her clients.

Jessia Coyne